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You have a very good business proposal that will keep the earth’s temperature within the 2°C limit set by the IPCC and stop the icebergs from melting. You are going to meet the CEO of a large Chinese company in a week’s time to pitch your project. We are here to help, at a heavily discounted rate, as this is what we are passionate about too!

  1. Before the Meeting

We will sit down with you to understand your proposal. We may ask questions. We will then translate your business PPT and Brochures and have them type-set. We will also research the background of the company and the CEO, and provide you with some culturally appropriate training.  We can also make phone or video calls or write emails necessary on your behalf or with you to plan for the visit.

2. During the Meeting

We will sit next to you as part of your team, to take notes and carry out interpreting consecutively or concurrently, as required. We will do our best to ensure efficient and accurate communications and take note of any reactions or cultural cues of the CEO and his or her associates.

3. After the Meeting

We will sit down with your team and give you feedbacks on the meeting or any followup actions from our perspective. We can also draft letters or emails on your behalf or translate your letters or emails to follow up.

Remember, when we are part of your team, your goal is our goal, especially when our values align. To find out more about our value, please refer to the organizations and charities we support.