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You may have a Chinese family member with some tests done in China, and you want to have the reports translated from Chinese into English, before their Australian specialist appointment. In this way, the patient does not need to repeat the same tests, and the specialist will have a clear view of the history.

Or you are planning for an extensive stay in China or Taiwan, and before your travel you want to have some of your important medical histories or immunization records translated from English into Chinese so that doctors in China will be able to take over your care.

Or your client may have suffered a road or work place accident, and you have assited them with their medical treatments and rehab here and now it is time to help them to return to their home country. You would like to make sure all the handover notes will be properly understood by the Chinese doctors who are to take over their care.

In any case, we are here to help the doctors from different countries to understand each other, so patient’s care can be maintained and transitioned seamlessly. Diseases, injuries and bateria know no linguistic or national boundaries, neither should our medical and allied health teams.  We can provide English to Chinese and Chinese to English translation of medical reports to facilitate the process.

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