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Since the start of COVID, we have been doing a lot of web-based patient and doctor education, where medical researchers can share with the latest medical break throughs with patients, their families and doctors from other countries. One of our client is ReSViNET

Some of these sessions are live Simultaneous Interpreting, whereby the audiences were able to choose their language from a drop down menu in Zoom. If the event is longer than one hour, then we will usually arrange for two conference interpreters to share the load and switch every 15 minutes, due to the high mental load of the SI mode. The audience are also able to ask questions with the assistance of the interpreters during Q&A when the language direction is switched around from the back end.

Other educational sessions are voice over interpreting recorded and inserted after the live events.

To find out the difference between Simultaneous Interpreting and Consecutive Interpreting, click here.