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‘Sharing is Caring!’ Says my 4-year-old daughter, whenever she wants to share the dessert in my hand after dinner. This has been the motivation behind the effort to put together the legal information translated by our translators over the years for various clients. 

General Law

English DocumentEnglish Document SourceChinese TranslationTranslation Source / Translator
Attending Court - Day of Your HearingVictoria Supreme Court 无律师代表诉讼人指南:上庭当天Dongmei CHEN (Certified Translator CPN6EA47B)
Preparing for a hearing Victoria Supreme Court 无律师代表诉讼人指南:准备上庭Dongmei CHEN (Certified Translator CPN6EA47B)

Family Law

English DocumentEnglish Document SourceChinese TranslationChinese Translation Source/Translator
Separation and DivorceFederal Circuit Court 婚姻、家庭与分居Dongmei CHEN
(Certified Translator CPN6EA47B)
Acknowledgement of Service for DivorceFamily Court离婚申请送达回执Dongmei CHEN (Certified Translator CPN6EA47B)
Divorce Application FormFamily Court离婚申请表Dongmei CHEN (Certified Translator CPN6EA47B)
Family Court AffidavitFamily Court家事法庭宣誓书Dongmei CHEN (Certified Translator CPN6EA47B)
FAMILY LAW ACT 1975 60B,60CA, 60CC, 60CH, 60CI, 60I, 61DA, 62B, 64B, 65DA, 65DAA, 67Z, 67ZBAAustralasian Legal Information Institute家事法1975年版条款60B,60CA, 60CC, 60CH, 60CI, 60I, 61DA, 62B, 64B, 65DA, 65DAA, 67Z, 67ZBADongmei CHEN (Certified Translator CPN6EA47B)
Separation & Divorce BrochureVictoria Legal Aid离婚与分居须知Victoria Legal Aid
WA Family Court Case Information AffidavitFamily Court of Western Australia 西澳家事法庭案件信息宣誓书Dongmei CHEN (Certified Translator CPN6EA47B)
WA Notice of Child Abuse or Family Violence Form 4Family Court of Western Australia 西澳家事法庭儿童虐待或家暴(风险)通知表4Dongmei CHEN (Certified Translator CPN6EA47B)
WA Family Court Form 1A Response to Initiating ApplicationFamily Court of Western Australia 西澳家事法庭应诉1A表Dongmei CHEN (Certified Translator CPN6EA47B)