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Our Chinese interpreter May CHEN assisting with quarantine veterinarians from China AQSIQ visiting a NRS approved laboratory

We have assisted clients hosting many delegations from China and Taiwan over the years. Our clients include University of Melbourne, RMIT, Department of Agriculture & Water Resources, Australia Federal Police, Vanguard Australia,  Port of Melbourne Corporation, Alfred Health, St Vincent Hospital, Melbourne Institute of Cosmetic Surgery, Arts Victoria and Jervois Mining Limited. The delegates are from all walks of life: doctors, veterinaries, economists, food safety inspectors, police officers, business people, lawyers and other government officials.

We also had the pleasure to accompany Nondus Katsalidis, the renowned architect who designed the Eureka Tower, in his business trips to Shanghai between 2013 and 2014.


We have a set of tour group blue toothed system, that will allow our interpreter to speak into the wearable transmitter. The interpreting will then be heard by delegates via their ear pieces, worn like a blue-tooth earphone.

Preparation before Delegates Arrive

Our Chinese interpreter is allocated to you based on their areas of expertise. Their prior education, work experience and personal interest are taken into consideration. Our interpreters can meet up with you and prepare bilingual materials before hand if required. We can also provide culturally appropriate advice to your staff before a delegation’s arrival. You can also utilise our phone and video interpreting services to communciate with coordinators overseas.

Facilitating Communication

Our friendly delegation interpreters will facilitate the communication between your team and the delegation members throughout their stay. We can interpret both consecutively and simultaneously. The mode chosen will depend on the time and facilities available, and the size and English proficiency level of the delegation. We can advise you which one is the most effective approach.


We will keep the information you have entrusted us in this process strictly confidential as per our Code of Ethics set by our professional association AUSIT.

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May assisting Victoria Fishery to host delegates from Guangdong ChinaMay Chen with Delegates from the Department of Labour Republic of China at Vanguard South Bank Office

Accompany Taiwanese Food Safety Inspector in Jade Tiger Abalone Indented Head Victoria Audit