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Translation of Audio Evidence   arrow

Our Chinese transcriber at work translating evidentiary audios for courts

Evidence speaks for itself and loudly, whether it is a drug deal conversation over the phone, a board meeting or a heated family argument. Accurate and complete transcription and translation is essential in assisting the court to come to conclusions in regards to facts. We have years of experience doing this due to our specialization in legal interpreting. We can transcribe recorded conversations in Mandarin, Cantonese and a wide variety of Chinese dialects.

Our 3-Draft Quality Control Process:

  • Draft 1: Quickly type out what we have heard so we have a good idea of the content of the whole conversation. Any ‘Hot Potato’ translation issue is marked
  • Draft 2: Compare the what is in the audio with what has been transcribed and make necessary amendments to achieve faithfulness to the original. 
  • Draft 3: Read our transcript without listening to the audio to ensure that the transcribed text are well-expressed and well understood by an English reader. ‘Hot potato’ are researched and confirmed.