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Are you an overseas student who tries to pass your English IELT test but just need a bit of more practice and help in the speaking aspect of the test? Or you are a new migrant who wants to gain some confidence in speaking to a local Aussie in a slower speed as well as gaining some local knowledge first before venturing into the real world? Meet our friendly Aussie English conversation trainer Neil!

He is a retired baker and electrician who has a full spectrum of life experience behind him. He used to own 4 Baker’s Delight store for 17 years and employing 125 staff. He is also a practicing Cheng Ming kungfu master and an ex-body builder, who has a deep understanding and appreciation of the Chinese culture in all forms. He is also a photographer.

Neil has worked with our in-house language teacher May and designed a full range of topics and scenarios for English conversation practice aimed at helping new migrants and international students to speak confidently in their every day life or in front of an examiner.


Our trainer Neil