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Q&A inside Booth in Sunan Cup Incubator Final in June 2018 Town Hall

Our Mandarin and Cantonese conference interpreters are working in pairs in sound-proof booths, interpreting a presenter’s speech simultaneously or concurrently from English into Mandarin or Cantonese, or vise versa. Their speeches are heard by delegates wearing wireless headsets. We also interpret for Q & A consecutively after a speech and perform sight translation of documents as required. This is just like what UN interpreters do.


Our conference interpreters have received simultaneous interpreting training in Australian universities. We also perform simultaneous whispering interpreting in court for our clients on a daily basis. A wide range of general knowledge comes from life and work experience, in additional to our readings and translation work.  Each of our conference interpreters have our own areas of specialization. We believe that knowledge about a specific field is more important than the ability to speak two languages.


Ideally we want to receive conference materials and presentations one to two weeks prior to an event. This will enable our conference interpreters to adequately prepare by researching presentation topics and familiarize themselves with relevant terminology.

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