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We interpret over the phone for clients to facilitate timely and affordable communication. If client’s hearing is okay and the physical interaction among parties on the client’s side of the phone is limited or irrelevant, then an audio call is suitable. If not, we will use video conferencing. 

Our phone interpreters provide regular phone interpreting services to the largest government organizations, such as the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and Centrelink, on a regular basis. Such calls can be about a utility bill inquiry, or signing a medical procedure consent form.

Our general approach when assisting with such inquiries is proactive problem solving. We cut to the chase, find out what the issue is and how to resolve it. The accuracy requirement for such calls is usually less than court interpreting or a police interview. Therefore the translation tend to be a summary rather than word-for-word, to be time efficient. And the interpreter can take on a role of a joint-problem-solver, forthcoming with information the interpreter has relevant to the inquiry, drawn from past experience, which sometimes even the professional English consultant may not have but is never-the-less willing to take on board.  

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