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Life-Long Friendship: Vivian & Trevor’s Wedding Interpreting   arrow

Interpret for Vivian's parents from Beijing during their daughter's weddingWe interpreted for Vivian’s parents from Beijing during Vivian and Trevor’s wedding ceremony in 2014. It started with meet and greet with the couple in a hotel, followed by translation of the wedding run sheet. During the ceremony our interpreter sat between Vivien’s parents whispering to them while the ceremony unfolded, and spoke into the microphone when Vivian’s mum got up to speak about their daughter and their wishes for the newly wed. It was a relief to us when Mum and dad laughed loudly with the rest the guest. 

Vivian’s family has such a good impression about our work that we remained friends of the family since. We attended the one-year birthday party of their daughter last year. Time flies and those special moments remain in our memories. We feel so privileged to be part of those important moments of the people we have served.