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Translator Workshop in Monash University

  • All of our Chinese translators and interpreters are  NAATI certified, accredited or recognized.  
  • Most of us have bachelor and postgraduate degrees from an Australian or overseas tertiary institution. More often than not, these degrees are in additional to their translation training. For example, Isabella ZHANG has a bachelor of psychology from University of Melbourne; Dr. Yinfeng DAI has a doctorate in history;  Thomas ZHANG has a bachelor of law from a Chinese university and is about to finish his law degree here in Melbourne; May CHEN has a bachelor in Economics & Sociology from National University of Singapore and Pauline CAO has bachelor degree in Engineering. 
  • Our Chinese translators and interpreters are from different walks of life: lawyers, journalists, teachers, engineers, academics and so on. Many of us have worked in other professions before joining the industry. We try to match the life experiences of our communicators with your industry. 
  • We work on the model of a co-operative. That is job matching and job sharing according to our own specialties. Our colleagues also work for other companies and agencies, so we can get access to more work in the areas we have chosen to specialize in. We also support one another in setting up our own websites to directly communicate and service clients. In this way, we can take ownership and pride in what we do.  Here is another sister website set up by our colleagues. 
  • We have lived, studied and worked in China, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the United States and Australia for a substantial period of our lives. Therefore our language proficiency in Chinese and English are balanced and close to native speakers’ level. We have a well-rounded general knowledge, and in-depth understanding of a few subject matters.  
  • Many of our Chinese translators and interpreters are also members of our professional association AUSIT. Some are members of our union Professionals Australia pushing for sustainable pay and working conditions for the colleagues working in the community interpreting sector. Most of us are also members of Chinese Interpreters & Translators Association of Australia.  

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