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Interpreting for Chinese Medical Delegations Visiting Melbourne   arrow

May CHEN interpreted for Chinese Psychiatrist Delegation during their visit to St Vincent Hospital Melbourne Recovery Accommodation

Australia has world-class medical technologies and a public health system that many in the rest of the world envy. We have assisted clients such as Alfred Hospital, University of Melbourne, St Vincent Hospital and Cosmetic Surgery Institute to host medical delegations from China over the years. Delegates are here to learn about the Australian way of doing things, in psychiatry, emergency medicine, cosmetic surgery, hospital costing and neural imaging.

Such exchange programs may involve ward visits in the morning, doctors’ meeting, lunch time lectures and medical procedure observations. Many of our interpreters have experience working as hospital inhouse interpreters or come from a health or science background. We are therefore able to interpret information accurately.

Most of such interpreting services are provided onsite. Post COVID, we also see an increased application of video interpreting in doctor training and exchange programs.