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How to Work with a Remote Interpreter

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Here are a few tips on how to work effectively with a remote interpreter whether it is over the phone or Skype.

  • before a job

Brief the interpreter about the purpose, the language and the duration of the conversation. Introduce yourself, your client and any other parties in the room to the interpreter, so the interpreter is able to address all parties appropriately, and confirm the interpreter can hear and understand everyone.  

  • during a job

Our Chinese interpreters are trained to take extensive notes so you and your client can stop whenever you like in a way that is natural to you. But we usually suggest less than ten sentences at one go, as an earlier response from the client may change the line of your questioning, such as a medical consultation, or police interview. The non-speaking party will also experience less ‘meaning vacuum’ time and therefore less likely to wander off in their minds. 

If there is anything unclear after a segment of speech, the interpreter will usually clarify first before rendering. We prefer to have the speaker phone on if you and your client are at one place so the interpreter does not need to ask the phone to be passed back and forth for such clarifications.

  • after a job

Just like onsite interpreting, you can always ask for or provide feed-backs as you see fit, that will go on to improve future communication.

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