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To achieve accuracy and efficiency, we use the Three-Stage Quality Control process whenever possible.

Stage 1: Pre-Translation 

  • We use translation memory software to break up your document into individual sentences and translate them into the target language so that no sentence is accidentally deleted or missed.
  • In addition, the software automatically recognizes phrases and sentences that have been translated before and prompts the translator to accept or modify them, achieving consistency throughout the text.

Machine translation (e.g. Google Translation) may be used to pre-process a document to ensure up-to-date vocabularies before it is being worked on by a translator. Please advise us if you don’t wish us to use Google Translation for any reason.

Stage 2: Translation 

  • The translation is compared with the original document sentence by sentence by the translator to ensure each sentence has been translated accurately and completely.
  • The source language sentences are then cleaned up and only the target language sentences are left, which will then be put back together in the original format.

Stage 3: Checking 
If you would like to have your translation checked by an independent checker, we can use checkers to independently check the translator’s work, preferably someone from the geographical area as your target audience. Confidentiality will be observed in this case by the checker as well and the checking cost is usually 50% of the translation cost. [more about rates]

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