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Affordable Chinese Translation & Interpreting Services 

The rates for our Chinese translation and interpreting services are affordable as you are directly dealing with translators and interpreters direct, without the middle man. We are an co-operative of over 10 practitioners. We answer your calls, issue the invoices and perform the interpreting and translation, with no admin personnel or overhead.

We also discount our service for non-profit organizations and individuals in sympathetic circumstances. We believe everyone has a right to tell their stories.


TRANSLATION [Written Chinese]

General Content:

  • WITHOUT an independent checker: AU$20 and above  per hundred words (a minimum charge of AU$30 applies )
  • WITH an independent checker: AU$30 and above per hundred words (a minimum charge of AU$60 applies)

Specialized Content:

  • WITHOUT an independent checker: AU$24 and above per hundred words (a minimum charge of AU$44 applies)
  • WITH an independent checker: AU$36 and above per hundred words (a minimum charge of AU$66 applies)

EMAIL and Wechat:

AU$20 for emails of less than 50 words

INTERPRETING [spoken Chinese]

  1. Onsite: AU$100 per hour for the first hour and AU$80 per hour thereafter.
  2. Phone: AU$20 per 15 minutes block (not including mobile, STD and international call charges)


*These rates are for reference purpose. Please contact us for an accurate quote.
*Cancellation charges will apply for less than 24 hours of notice.
*Travel allowance may apply for jobs involving long distance travel.